Student Program

The AIChE Boston Local Section is distinguished by its high percentage of members who are affiliated with educational institutions - about 25%. The Student Committee is actively involved in creating linkages between the educational sector and working professionals - examples include:

  • Programming specific to the needs of students (2 meetings per year)
  • Personal outreach to ChE Dept. Chairs, faculty coordinators, and AIChE student leaders
  • Work coops, internships, and mentorship programs
  • Professional speakers for seminars, career workshops, and class lectures
  • Assistance with design and administration of university-led conferences
  • Design of training workshops with relevancy to students, e.g. networking and leadership

If you are interested in participating in these efforts, please contact the Student Committee coordinator (see under Offishers page) - we're always looking for help!

See below for a list of schools with Accredited Chemical Engineering Programs in the Greater Boston and Northeast area.