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Artificial Intelligence Enabled Microchip

2018-10-25 17:30:00
Date/Time   Thursday, October 25, 2018 at 5:30pm
Place   Cabot Business and Technical Center   (Directions)
157 Concord Road - Building 1 - Conference Room D11
Billerica, MA 01821
Phone: 978-663-3455
Price   $15 - One price for everyone
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Artificial Intelligence Enabled Microchip

Announcing the development of a cutting-edge technology which will provied life-saving information to people globally!

Fluid-Screen is a powerful startup with a focus on benefiting the world by creating a product that produces faster, less costly and more accurate lab testing results in the palm of your hand.

Dr. Monika Weber, CEO and founder of Fluid-Screen, recognized the fact that every year millions of people around the world are become sick or die from outbreaks caused by bacteria contamination in water and food. Traditional methods for bacteria cultivation and testing takes days which can lead to further illness, disease, and death. Fluid-Screen has developed the technology that cuts down the time it would take to test bacteria from days with traditional methods, to just 30 minutes.

Fluid-Screen has replaced petri-dish testing with a Artificial Intelligence Enabled Microchip. The Fluid-Screen technology controls particle motion by dielectrophoresis (DEP). This universal phenomenon describes the motion of all particles in a non-uniform electric field gradient.

Fluid-Screen has successfully used this technology to capture and concentrate bacteria and other cells. The capture can be universal, capturing all particles within a range of sizes, or selective for a singular particle type, depending on the tuning of the electric field applied. The innovation is in electrode design to maximize bacterial response to the electric field.

Fluid-Screen developed an automated method to measure the bacterial response which allows for bacterial fingerprinting. Moreover, the same technology platform enables real time live-dead quantification and label-free bacterial enrichment from complex samples and bacterial strain mixtures. Concentration and capture of specific microorganisms will require testing, calibration, and modification of the existing electronic prototype.

On Thursday, October 25, 2018 at the Cabot Business and Technical Center in Billerica, MA, Dr. Weber will present the exciting story of how this powerful and highly disruptive technology was developed, the science behind it and what this technological advance means for the future of bacterial testing and it's potential impact on Global Health!

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7:00 - 8:30 PM   Presentation and Q&A
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Speaker   Monika Weber, PhD

Dr. Weber, CEO and Founder Fluid Screen, a startup, which makes the world a safer place by enabling fast bacteria detection. As a part of her PhD research at Yale she spent years working on detection using silicon nanowire sensors, microfluidic systems and novel pathogen separation methods using dielectrophoresis. Monika’s work has been distinguished with the Grand Prize in the NASA Create the Future Design Contest 2011 (1st out of over 900 projects and 7000 participants), CIMIT award for Primary Care and Sobotka Research Awards at Yale. Monika combines leadership skills with strong technical expertise, creativity and business acumen.

PhD Microelectronics,Yale, Master’s in Physics, Freie University, Berlin, Germany and Wroclaw University in Poland.

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