About AIChE Boston


Who are the Ichthyologists?

The Ichthyologists of Boston, founded in 1931, is a private nonprofit association of Chemical Engineers with over 600 Local Section members and over 1350 AIChE National members located throughout the six-state region. Our "formal" name is the Boston Section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. We hold monthly meetings from September to May, with such annual favorites as October’s Guppy Night (Student Night), Couples Night, and Old-Timers Night. For more information on meeting topics or why we are called the Ichthyologists, refer to the following sections.

Where did we get our name?

When the Ichthyologists were founded in 1931, meetings were held on Friday evenings.  Since Friday night meals frequently involved serving fish, the group's informal name, the Ichthyologists, evolved naturally. Over the years, a tradition developed of using fish terminology for our officers, known generally as "Offishers," and individually by selected fish names such as "Kingfish" or "Queenfish" for the Section Chair, or "Shark" for Treasurer. View the other Offisher titles, and contact information here.

Most Ichthyologists have learned not to take themselves too seriously, thereby leaving an abundance of serious attention for their responsibilities as chemical engineers. This energy is reflected in our work in the public, private, or educational sectors, dealing with manufacturing, environmental and management issues on a daily basis. In addition, many of us strive to advance the profession itself, especially through AIChE involvement.

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